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All the Club Championship Trophies have been presented by the Club’s first Honorary President, Mr. Thomas Ripley Ker. Prior to 1941, if the winner concerned has won the Championship three times (not necessarily in consecutive years), he kept the trophy.  These winners are J. Gibson (1899): Alex Gardner (1910 & 1917): Arch. Gardner (1924) and Edward Campbell (1935 & 1940), indicated by * in the listof champions.

The Trophies won by E. Campbell in 1935 & 1940 passed to his daughter Grace and were presented back to the Club at Opening Day 2003.

In 1941, Honorary President Thomas Ripley Ker stated that this was the final and last Trophy that he was presenting to the Club and he asked that a rule be applied that the trophy stays with the Club for ever more, and not retained by a member if he had won the championship on three occasions as previously. (See Club Minutes 24th March 1941).

Club members meeting c. 1900-1901

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